Fit Layer Health

Get Fit and Healthy program is all inclusive includes gym, fasting, meal and workout plan. This virtual program is designed for you to lose 2lbs per week in 30 to 31 days so you can't cut corners and you must be dedicated to get results. Personal Gym Membership (ex.YMCA, Planet Fitness etc..) required as well. This is a month to month membership so at anytime you can cancel and not pay for the following month. However all sales are final and are non-refundable and you will continue to receive coaching for the month you paid for.

Outdoor Exercise

Cardio is the very important to your fat loss. Being a runner can happen over time if you really desire quick results. However we do offer a modified plan of brisk walking and jogging.


Eating Healthy

In order for you to lose 2 lbs per week we must be realistic with your food intake. The program works only if you follow the guidelines of meal plan.


Indoor Exercise

You are to follow the custom plan outline specifically for you. It can change based on your results from one to the next.