Domestic Violence Advocacy

I know what you did!

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An Overcomer and Victorious Living after DV

I am positioned to be a voice to those who are suffering in silence, to bring awareness, and liberate those who desire freedom! I am an overcomer because I survived Domestic Violence! It was a plot set out to kill and destroy my identity and my freedom. Are you tired of being the victim? When you speak up, you will become victorious! You will become an overcomer!


Connecting victims to community advocates provides a lifeline to anyone in an abusive relationship. Advocates working in community-based programs provide confidential services to victims, helping them navigate the court system and strategize for their safety.

System-based Advocates

System advocacy takes this work to a new level. As work with individual victims to identify barriers and problems with the system, advocates can use this information to address these issues with the agencies involved and work to actually remove barriers or resolve issues that make it difficult for victims to get the outcomes they need.


Some advocates primarily work with individuals, helping victims with specific court hearings and processes. They provide safety planning and risk assessment information.

Community Advocates

Community advocates typically address the range of issues that victims must negotiate: housing, physical and mental health needs, financial support, children’s issues, etc. Advocates also support survivors as conflicting feelings arise about their abusive intimate partners. Most advocates were often battered women themselves, who knew how important it is to be heard and understood. Most advocacy programs offer self-help groups which provide important support to victims ending abuse in their relationships.

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