Welcome to Catapult Outreach Inc!

Mission Statement

Catapult Outreach Inc is a nonprofit organization, mission is to continue in Jesus’s commission of discipleship and his teachings and imparting the wisdom of God into a people. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to carry and proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God into all the world being a testimony to the nations. Imparting the wisdom of God into a people who are destined to launch into the depth of God's wisdom. Calling them back to their first love and their original authentic self. Leading by the example of Jesus earthly ministry through the Holy Ghost. Putting things into perspective seeking God's Kingdom first.

We disciple and reach out to the communities to meet their needs:

• Providing a public place for communities to gather.

• Providing teaching Christian principles for day to day living as a disciple.

• Providing Christian Education for babies, children, teens and adults in Godly discipline.

• Providing ordinations after successful completion of prescribed courses of study.

• Providing clothing, food, education and employment training to the communities.

• Providing formal code of doctrine and discipline to the communities.

• Providing educational collaboration with my peers.

We accomplish this by building relationships, teaching, equipping and outreach in surrounding communities. We host daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually meetings with our community and surrounding communities. 

Causes we support are the homeless communities, impoverished neighborhoods, teen moms, felons, veterans and the unemployed population.

Values Statement

We function with love, integrity, kindness, and compassion.